Alert Emails Not Always Being Sent (Docentric custom alert email handler)

We have created a custom email template handler class based on the sample file called ‘DocCustConfirmWithMultipleLinesETH’. The purpose of this class is to define custom placeholders in an Organization email template that is sent to a Sales Rep. The alert rule is defined as when a new sales order record is created of a particular origin type.

For the most part, this works just fine - however in some cases the alert will be created but no email will be sent. There seems to be no pattern with this occurrence; sometimes it occurs when multiple sales orders are created at the same time, sometimes with just a single sales order. I have tried setting the sender email to multiple different users with the same result. I have tried sending the email synchronously as well as in batch with the same result. Alerts are showing up as expected in the alerts table, but not all associated emails we are expecting to see are there in the SysOutgoingEmailTable.

We have not experienced this seemingly random occurrence with the OOTB alert emails, only with emails using the custom handler. I will attach some config details below. Hopefully you can offer some assistance on this as adding custom placeholders for the alert email is very important for our use-case. Thank you!

We are using paid Docentric AX

emailHandler.docx (21.7 KB)

Hello @ablD3FO, thank you for reporting this.

Could you please contact us by email ( so that we can check further details and possibly arrange a screen-sharing session? Thank you very much!