Email and print Word documents

Let's say that we want to:
1) Generate and attach a Word document from its template,
2) Send it to specific email address at the same time, and
3) Print it to a specific printer at the same time.

Also, it would be great if we could do all of this occasionally in batch. These requirements remind us of Print Management, right?

Actually, you can accomplish all this by using SSRS or Basic reports, since they both have a functionality to attach output files (in Word as output format) to underlying entities.

Still, if you prefer to use Word documents, you have the appropriate Docentric AX APIs at your disposal.

4 thoughts on “Email and print Word documents

  1. Hi,


    Just wondering if this program will allow mail merge, we require to print from an excel list, data needs to include, part number, description and a part number bar-code.

    1. Hi,

      I’m not sure that I understood your question. This article talks about the Generate from template feature in AX 2012, which means that you need to use AX query as a data source, or data provider class enabled by Docentric. Thus, we have a Word template designed with Docentric designer and the data fetched from AX via a query or a data provider class, which are merged using Docentric engine into a resulting Word document attached to the context record, which was marked when the Generate from template button was clicked.

      Please let me know if I answered your question.
      Kind regards,

  2. Mailto hyperlink not working while converting pdf from Word template through docentric. Upgraded to latest Docentric.Documents but nothing resolved.

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