Docentric AX 3.4.8 Released

We are happy to announce 📢 Docentric version 3.4.8 is out 🚀

With the cool new features you asked for, most of them being part of Free Edition ❤.

In this release, we've continued to improve 🔥Print management utilities, our flagship feature released in 3.4.7. Namely, so far, the search for missing or invalid email contacts has been performed for all customers and vendors, which can be a long-running and tedious task. Now you can configure, before the diagnostics is started, which customers and vendors to search by setting up the Records to include filter on the diagnostics dialog form.

The next exciting new Free Edition feature is certainly the missing Back (Close) and Save system buttons added to the Print management setup form.

In addition, we've supported 📄Saving proforma reports to Print archive, configurable per report execution, and 🏷License plate labels based on new Label layouts as well as Dynamic printer selection for Document routing of both ZPL-based and Docentric template-based labels.

Let’s take a more structured look at the new features in 3.4.8 version release.

🎁Free Edition Features:

  • The Back (Close) and Save buttons added to Print management setup. Learn more >>
  • Better search of missing or invalid customer and vendor email contacts in Print management utilities.
  • Saving proforma reports in Print archive is now supported and can be configured on the Print destination settings Learn more >>
  • All improvements of Document routing for License plate labels such as Test setup and Reprint labels are now supported for labels based on new Label layouts. This also includes Dynamic printer selection.

✨Full Edition Features:

  • Security for external Azure storage accounts, which are used for saving reports to Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files, is enhanced with Azure RBAC. Learn more >>
  • Dynamic printer selection is now supported for Document routing for License plate labels based on Docentric templates via Printer stock type. Learn more >>

Read the complete release notes >>
Download Docentric 3.4.8 >>

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    1. Docentric core models, SSRS replicas and CBD replicas model are compatible with 10.0.25 and later, while Docentric warehouse labels are compatible with 10.0.36 and later.

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>