Docentric AX 3.4.7 Released

We are exciting to announce 📢 Docentric version 3.4.7 is out!
With the cool new features you asked for, most of them being part of Free Edition ❤.

Feature No. 1 in this release is 🔥 Print management utilities that will improve, we believe, user experience you guys have with Docentric Print Management Data Entity. It enables advanced filtering and search of all Print management settings in a single grid from within D365FO, supporting both bulk update and delete. For example, Docentric Print Management Data Entity supports only bulk update. Also, you will be able to clean up and consolidate email addresses of customers and vendors using diagnostics related features in Print management utilities.

In v3.4.7 we also released an exciting new functionality to elevate our 🔥 Alerts++ library 👉 Create alert in a ⚡single click, which enables you to create an alert rule for a data field with the right-click on a form control bound to this field.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the new features in 3.4.7.

Print management utilities – 🎁Free Edition:

  • Tabular view: Filter, sort and search all Print management settings including overrides for a legal entity in a grid.
  • Diagnostics: Find customers and vendors with invalid or no email contacts (primary/purposes).

Print management utilities – ✨Full Edition:

  • Bulk update and delete of selected Print management settings, including overrides.
  • Review or revert changes before saving to the database.

Docentric Viewer – 🎁Free Edition:

  • Printing to network printers, including configured user default printers.
  • Improved quality of printing to local printers for common web browsers.

Other 🎁Free Edition Features:

Read the complete release notes >>
Download Docentric 3.4.7 >>

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>