Docentric AX 3.4.5 Released

Let’s take a look at some of the new cool features introduced with Docentric version 3.4.5. Some of them, such as improvements related to Alerts and Attachments, we’ve already presented at the community conferences and events but rather in the POC format. The community feedback was so positive that we decided to polish them and include in Docentric Free Edition. So here we go!

Almost all features delivered in this version are part of Docentric Free Edition. Hooray! 😀

Improved alert rules – Free Edition:

  • Configure conditional alert rules.
  • Alert a user group, not just a single user.
  • Use tabular view for easier sorting, advanced filtering and bulk delete.
  • View system fields, access related alert notifications.

Improved Print archive – Free Edition:

  • Instant document preview: View archived reports in a document preview window while browsing Print archive.
  • Download archived reports from common journals or view them directly by opening Print Archive.

Improved Attachments – Free Edition:

  • Use a new form with a tabular view of all Attachments across a company, with Open, Edit and Download options.
  • Download multiple Attachment files at once as separate files, as a ZIP or merged PDF file.
  • Use metadata settings including Tags, Category and Active period also for Notes and URLs.

Alert summary emails – Full Edition:

  • Send periodic summary emails for the marked alert rules to the configured recipients.
  • Schedule multiple Alert summary email distributor jobs to run at once.
  • Send summary emails only for specific alert rules, tables or date time period.
  • Use System email templates to design summary emails in rich HTML editor with placeholders.
  • Send summary emails synchronously or by using Email distributor batch.
  • Use the Cc and Bcc recipients as well as placeholders in the To, Cc, Bcc fields.

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>