Docentric AX 3.4.1 Released

Docentric AX 3.4.1 version

Let's take a look at some of the new cool features introduced with Docentric version 3.4.1.

Almost all features delivered in this version are part of Docentric Free Edition. How cool is that!

Alert email notifications

  • Use Email templates for Alert emails.
  • Email templates can contain placeholders bound to alert-related data.
  • All standard placeholders such as Alert message and Link to business data are supported.
  • Create custom placeholders via ETH classes, including dynamic images and tables.
  • Send Alert emails synchronously or via Email distributor batch.
  • Use Cc and Bcc on Alert email messages.
  • To, Cc and Bcc can contain placeholders bound to user- or alert-related contact email addresses.
  • Use Tags to mark those alert-related Attachments that should be attached to Alert emails.
  • Watch video on improved Alert emails >>

Email processing

  • View and update a single email from Batch email sending status using a new user-friendly form, including the email body and attachments.
  • Email distributor batch can be run to send out arbitrary selected outgoing emails, e.g. Alert emails or Customer invoices.
  • Use Email distributor cleanup to delete sent or expired emails.


  • Use Delivery address email tokens for Primary email and Purpose with any report related to a customer or vendor.
  • Saving reports to Attachments of current Legal entity is enabled.
  • (Full Edition) Configurable DPIs when generating reports in TIFF output format are introduced.

Read the complete release notes >>
Download Docentric 3.4.1 >>

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>