Video Docentric AX 3.4.0 Released

The new Docentric version 3.4.0 is out, with the cool new features you asked for!
Take a look at some of them.

Saving to SharePoint with metadata

  • Reports can now be saved to SharePoint document libraries with metadata fields such as Document ID, Account number, etc.
  • Metadata fields can be used for document search, which also enables advanced scenarios for workflows and integrations.
  • Saving with metadata is triggered via Saving to SharePoint, Attachments and Print archive print options, if the target document library is configured so.
  • To enable dynamic metadata fields, the setup is done via common and report specific placeholders.


  • User Favorite Printers: Users can set up their favorite printers, which makes printer selection easier when printing reports.
  • User Allowed Printers: Users can print reports only to their allowed printers, configured by Administrator.
  • When selecting printers on the Print destination settings form, users can now filter and sort printers.
  • Additionally, instead of selecting a printer, you can use a placeholder and achieve different printer selection, e.g. for different locations.
  • All these printing features are part of Free Edition. Yay!

Report setup

  • You can now preview report templates directly from the report setup on a button click.
  • Placeholder groups are introduced to enable better organization of placeholders.
  • The report setup can be open from the Print destination settings form to view and configure additional print settings.

Read the complete release notes >>
Download Docentric 3.4.0 >>

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>