Video Docentric AX 3.3.9 Released

The new Docentric version 3.3.9 is out, with the cool new features you asked for!
Take a look at some of them.

Electronic Signature

  • Electronic signature for PDF documents generated by both SSRS and Docentric rendering engines is supported.
  • Certificates used for PDF signing can be stored in Azure Key Vault or D365FO database.
  • Electronic signature appearances on signed PDF documents can be configured per report template and company.

Email Templates

  • Multilingual outgoing email body and subject with placeholders are supported via Email templates when emailing reports.
  • You can now use only one Print management setting in combination with Email templates to cover multilingual requirements.
  • Free Edition: Email templates can be used as a snippet repository for different languages or email body parts.

Additional Email Attachments

  • We added support for three more attachment sources when configuring Additional attachments for Docentric Email print destination.
  • You can now add Attachments from Item table, Source table line and Journal line, e.g. when emailing orders with item specifications.

Free Edition: Report-Restricted Printers

  • Restriction of report-printer combination is supported, which can be useful if you are using dedicated Network printers for checks, labels, or any other report.
  • Administrators can now restrict the reports that may be printed on a given printer, or restrict the printers allowed for a given report.

Read the complete release notes >>
Download Docentric 3.3.9 >>

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>