Video Docentric AX 3.3.8 Released

The new Docentric version 3.3.8 is out, with the cool new features you asked for!
Take a look at some of them.


  • You can now add User-defined placeholders from within D365FO without coding and use them in print settings such as Email body, subject, output filename, etc.
  • In the same print settings you can now also use D365FO or User-defined labels to make them multilingual.
  • In addition to Preview copy/original on journal forms, a new button Print management preview is added to support report preview using the report design selected in Print management.

Document Generation

  • Reports generated with Docentric can use custom fonts uploaded directly from within D365FO.
  • PDF Security supports password protection of outgoing PDF documents, with optional use of placeholders, e. g. @CustomerVATNumber@.
  • You can also set up properties such as Author, Title, Subject and Keywords of outgoing PDF documents.


  • Additional @OrderEmail@ and @ProjEmail@ email tokens have been introduced to support redirection of report execution from Email to Printer in case of missing email account.

Saving to Azure Storage

  • Saving reports to external Azure blob storage is supported, which may be suitable for integration scenarios.

Read the complete release notes >>
Download Docentric 3.3.8 >>

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>