Customize document properties of invoices generated as PDFs in D365FO

We're all probably receiving invoices from various providers and vendors in our email inbox on a regular basis. Have you ever checked the document properties of the attached PDF documents? You might have seen something like this:

However, when you print an invoice from D365FO using the standard Sales invoice SSRS report, you might be disappointed with the outcome regarding PDF document properties. This is what you get when generating any SSRS report, e.g. Sales invoice:

OK, D365FO doesn’t support customizing PDF document properties at all. What now? Do your invoices look a bit less professional with such document properties? Well, it’s up to your standards :). Luckily, you can easily configure these properties even to be dynamic and multilingual by using Docentric. In this article, we will show you how to do it.

Regardless if you are using Docentric templates or SSRS report designs, you can customize PDF document properties.

Configure document properties in Docentric report setup

Let’s say that we want to customize document properties for Sales invoice, which uses the SSRS report design. Completely the same approach would work for Sales invoice that uses a Docentric template.

Step #1: Determine which SSRS report design you are using

You can do this by turning on the Discover report technical name option in User options.


Step #2: Check if this SSRS report design is already registered in Docentric report setup

If yes, continue to Step #3. Otherwise, register it by using the New button in the action pane of Docentric report setup, and turn on the Use only print destinations option.

Step #3: Open the PDF Document properties form

Locate SalesInvoice.Report (i.e. your report design) in Docentric report setup, and open the PDF Document properties form. Document properties you can configure here are: Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords.

You can setup document properties globally and override each global setting with a company specific. The value of a document property can contain placeholders such as @COMPANYNAME@ and labels such as @SYS14204@ (translated as Invoice). This way the configured document properties become dynamic and multilingual.


Learn how to configure PDF document properties in detail >>

Print report and verify resulting document properties

We can generate report also to Docentric Screen and download it to check the values of the configured document properties. The same values they will have when we email the report.


If you find a missing placeholder or label, no problem! You can use User-defined placeholders and User-defined labels to add all missing pieces right away. We’re sure that your invoices will look just perfect :).

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