Video Copy Print management settings between customers – Part 4 of 8

Let’s say that you want to set up Print management settings for a customer and then to copy the same settings to one or more other customers in the same or in a different legal entity. You can certainly do this for each customer manually, one-by-one, by overriding Print management setup for all needed reports (e.g. Customer invoice). The alternative is to use Docentric Print Management Data Entity and accomplish the same result by updating the customer specific settings in Excel.

To achieve this scenario, we will first export Print management settings for the DE-001 customer from the USMF company to Excel using the Export data project with the Docentric Print Management Settings data entity. Prior to that we’ll ensure that this customer has one overridden setting of the default settings for the Accounts receivable module.

Once this setting is exported to Excel, we can duplicate the row representing it and change the account number to US-001. Then we can repeat the process for all other customer accounts (US-002) where we want to apply the same overridden setting of the DE-001 account. We can also use the customer accounts from different companies, for example US-004 and US-007 from USPI.

The example from this tutorial works well if the Print management settings don’t contain Queries. In case the Queries exist in the Print management settings, XML-Element data format should be used!

After we import the changed Excel file via the Import data project to D365FO, we can check the settings of the customer accounts that we previously added in Excel, by comparing them to the settings of the source DE-001 account.


  • How to export customer specific Print management settings to Excel.
  • How to duplicate the exported settings and change the account number to apply the same settings to other customers from the same or a different company in Excel.
  • How to import the modified Excel back to the D365FO and this way apply the changes made in Excel.

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Docentric Print Management Data Entity is part of Docentric Free Edition, so you can use it completely for free.

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