Video Change email settings in Print management setup in bulk – Part 6 of 8

In our previous tutorial, we demonstrated how to change the target print destination from SSRS Email to Docentric Email of Print management settings in bulk using Docentric Print Management Data Entity and Excel.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change Docentric email settings such as Email Body, Subject and Attachment name in bulk using Excel.

The example from this tutorial works well if the Print management settings don’t contain Queries. In case the Queries exist in the Print management settings, XML-Element data format should be used!

We can start from scratch by changing the values stored in the columns in Excel bound to Docentric email settings but it will be much easier if we use the Print destination settings form to set up all these settings manually for one sample customer. After exporting it to Excel, we can duplicate the row(s) bound to our sample customer, modify them to be bound to other customers and then import them back to D365FO.

Therefore, first we are going to set up the fields To, Bcc, From, Subject, Body, Attachment name and Additional attachments in Docentric Email print destination for the DE-001 account in the USMF company using Print settings destination form in Print management setup. We will include both report specific and common placeholders such as @InvoiceID@, @InvoiceAccount@ and @USEREMAIL@, and use the built-in Email tokens such as @@ and @Invoice@ in the To field.

Then we will export Print management setting for the DE-001 account, duplicate the resulting row in Excel three times, change the value in the NODESPECIFIEDID column from DE-001 to US-001, US-002 and US-003, and then import the changed Excel file back into D365FO. The result will be the changed customer specific Print management settings for the US-001, US-002 and US-003 accounts.

Note that if we change the values of any column in Excel bound to the Docentric email print settings such as Email Body or Subject of the importing US-001, US-002 and US-003 customers (i.e. rows), and want to see these changes applied after the import, we also need to set the value of the USEPACKEDPRINTSETTINGS column in these rows to No.


  • We can manually set up all needed email settings for one customer in Print management setup.
  • Export these customer specific Print management settings to Excel.
  • Duplicate and change them in Excel to be valid for other customers before importing the Excel file back to D365FO.

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