Sending multiple customer invoices in a single email without billing period in D365FO

IMPORTANT NOTE The Docentric Emailing Multiple Invoices (DEMI) solution has been greatly improved comparing to the solution described in this article. Learn more >> Does it happen in your type of business that some customers have multiple sales orders in short period of time, for […]

Import/Export Container Data Fields Using D365FO Data Management

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have faced the import/export issue with table fields of type container when using the D365FO Data Management framework. As you have probably noticed, a D365FO data entity container field is by default simply skipped […]

Video Configure Invoice Email Settings Faster by Using Email Body Snippets

In this video, we will demonstrate howĀ Email templatesĀ fromĀ Docentric report setupĀ can be used as snippets when configuring the email body for theĀ Sales invoiceĀ report. Email templates are designed using the same rich HTML editor and placeholders, and can be configured per report and company but also per […]

Generate Configurable Business Document as Byte Array

In this article, we will show you how to generateĀ Customer account statement, which is aĀ Configurable business document, as a byte array in both original (Excel/Word) and PDF format. Configurable business documentsĀ sit on top of SSRS and cannot be generated outside the SSRS report execution pipeline, […]

Create Project eInvoice with embedded and merged PDF Attachments

Letā€™s say that we want to send eInvoices from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to our customers. In addition to the invoice data in XML, we also want to send along the invoice document in PDF format and some other related documents (e.g. specifications). […]

Troubleshooting techniques for solving emailing issues in D365FO

In this article, we will explain how to troubleshoot emailing issues in D365FO. We will focus on troubleshooting issues you might encounter when emailing reports using Docentric Email print destination, or when sending outgoing email messages from Batch email sending status via Docentric email distributor […]