Archived Outgoing Documents for Customers and Vendors in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Docentric AX (both Free and Full product versions) contains a useful feature for cases when a user wants to search and view archived outgoing documents directly on a customer or vendor card, no matter if the documents were printed, emailed or saved to SharePoint or File system.

In this way if a customer or vendor calls up, the user can open their card (i.e. one of the Customers or Vendors forms) and locate the wanted outgoing document (e.g. an invoice or a collection letter) by searching their Print archive using the key document attributes such as Invoice ID, Document date, Sales ID, etc. Once the user finds the wanted document, he or she can view the original document content and not a regenerated copy. This is very important since the corresponding report design can change over time, and having the original document contents is crucial for legal purposes, auditing and traceability. Moreover, in Customer and Vendor Print archive the user can view the subject and body of sent emails as well as all email recipients (e.g. resolved from email tokens).

How to archive outgoing documents in D365FO for customers and vendors

Archiving outgoing documents for customers and vendors doesn’t differ from archiving any other report in D365FO. Namely, each time when a report runs, you can turn on the Save in Print archive option directly on the Print destination settings form. Such a report will be printed to the selected print destination, e.g. Email or Printer but it will also be saved to built-in Print archive. Docentric significantly improves built-in Print archive by adding great searching capabilities and the view of used print settings.

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As part of improved Print archive starting from the 3.3.3 version, we enabled a quick access to archived reports directly from customer and vendor cards.

Accessing Print archive directly from Customer and Vendor cards

The Print archive menu item is added by Docentric to the GENERAL tab on Customer card, as shown in the image below.

By clicking it, the Print archive form with records filtered by the current customer will open. Here we can use standard filtering techniques to search archived outgoing documents by the target print destination (Email, Printer) and its settings (email subject, output filename), report type (Invoice, Collection letter, Packing slip), Document ID (Invoice ID), Sales ID, Journal ID, etc. We can also navigate to the related sales tables, journals, etc.

Displaying vendors’ print archive is implemented in the same manner.

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