Adding Remit-to address to a report data source

A remit address is used as a unique destination address to receive payment (e.g. a check) for a bill or invoice. This is used so payments can be processed more quickly than if it were sent to the general mail address of the company.

In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations remit address can be added to a legal entity on the Organization administration -> Organizations -> Legal entities form:


If you need to add a remit address of the current company to your report data source in order to print it on the report (e.g. on Customer invoice) then the best practice when using Docentric is to add it directly to the GeneralData data section of the report data source.

What is the GeneralData data section of a report data source?

When you print a report using any Docentric DSP class (including the default, i.e. base class) you will get in your report data source three data sections: Report Parameters, Main Data and one section more: so called General Data. This GeneralData section includes various data for the current company and worker. However, there is no Remit-to address in the GeneralData section provided by default, but we can easily add it by overriding the addGeneralDataSectionBaseCompanyInfo() method of your report DSP class.

When you re-generate the report data source you will get a new node RemitToPostalAddress in the CurrentCompany data record in the GeneralData data section:

From that point on you can use the newly added Remit-to postal address of the current company on your template.

Please check this manual to learn what else can be extended in the report data source.

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