Why Docentric AX

Here are just a few good reasons why to work with Docentric AX

  • 10x faster development & lower costs
    • With SSRS
      Faster and easier design in MS Word without Visual Studio. Removes design limitations. Adding additional data to a report can be done without changing the report temporary tables. No need to restart Reporting Services or the AOS in order to see the effect of data or design changes.
    • With Word Templates
      Far better Add-In for MS Word that removes design limitations. Preparing data by using data providers alongside queries. No temporary tables are required. Removes the main issue related to updating of Word Templates.
    • With new lightweight reports
      Development is much faster compared to built-in SSRS reports. Using smart wizards and straightforward walkthroughs ensures a rapid start for each new report. Lightweight deployments.
  • Happy and productive Dynamics AX developers
    It is well known how tedious and time-consuming development of SSRS and Word Templates in Dynamics AX can be. That’s why we created a tool that developers will love. To be productive and satisfied in the long term, developers needs to work with tools they enjoy. As a company we constantly have to optimize for happiness and choose tools that keep our development teams excited and motivated.
  • Easy design in MS Word
    • Design reports and documents in MS Word using all Word’s awesome features.
    • Easily achieve unified professional look of reports and documents companywide.
    • Design forms, contracts, agreements, letters, notes and all those documents that can be truly and only edited with MS Word.
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  • Report customization by end users
    • Empower end users to create and edit reports
      With the right tool, familiar Microsoft Word, end users will be happy to take part in report and document customization. Improving design of built-in SSRS reports such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Customer Letter Notes, etc. can be done by end users entirely, without support of developers.
    • Accelerate gathering of the report and document requirements
      End users usually use MS Word to describe/define the reports needed to be customized. These Word documents can be then directly used as report templates when the development phase starts.
  • Continuous product improvements based on your feedback
    We strive to constantly improve our products and processes, focusing on what matters most to our customers. We are committed to follow and support all new versions and CUs of Dynamics AX, and also to provide the best customer support possible.
At Docentric, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We listen and respond to their needs as we constantly strive to provide an intuitive and memorable experience when using our products and interacting with us.

Take a look at some of the key advantages of using Docentric AX

  • Enhanced SSRS
    • Development up to 10x faster
      Faster and easier design in MS Word without Visual Studio. Adding additional data to a report is done much faster using the new, extensible framework, without changing report artifacts. No need to deploy a report, or restart any service in order to see the effect of report customization.
    • Improves performance up to 5x
      Much better performance without extremely long delays in first-call report execution.
    • Enhance the design of built-in SSRS reports with no coding
      You are only several clicks away from attractive and professional looking public facing documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Agreements, HR documents, Product catalogs, etc.
    • Enables design and print of labels with 1-D and 2-D barcodes
      Supports design of product, shelf and other labels with barcodes.
    • Provides 100% SSRS report replicas
      Use Docentric’s replicas of commonly used built-in SSRS reports as a starting point in report customization.
    • Introduces true WYSIWYG designer
      No differences between a previewed and printed report.
    • Improves support for multilingual reports
      Supports custom labels added to a report through the UI. While designing and previewing a report you can switch between languages and enjoy the effective translations of the used labels.
    • Enhances print destinations
      Print a report to a dynamically named file (e.g. PurchaseOrder_<PurchId>.docx). Save report output file to Attachments, SharePoint or Azure storage, use placeholders in print destinations, email more than one report/attachment at once, use email HTML body, etc. Use also built-in SSRS report designs with Docentric‘s enhanced print destinations.
    • Improves programmability
      Automate more easily mass printing of invoices, collection letter notes, etc. with better performance using the additional APIs.
    • Simple configuration and report deployments
      No external application for managing Docentric AX. Report deployment is a simple x-copy of report templates to their storage location: network share, Azure storage or SharePoint, in combination with import/export functionality of report setup data.
  • Enhanced Word Templates
    • Improves the design of Word Templates
      Docentric AX designer features a much more powerful MS Word Add-In enabling repeating blocks, nested tables, bulleted lists, images, shapes, headers, footers, data formatting, sorting and grouping, formulas, barcodes, realistic preview, etc. Learn more  
    • Development up to 10x faster
      Preparing data by using data providers and X++ alongside queries. No temporary tables are required.
    • Removes the main issue related to updating Word Templates
      You don’t have to create a Word template from the beginning if the data source has been changed, as you are forced to do when you work with the built-in Add-In for MS Word.
    • Introduces support for multilingual Word documents
      Supports custom labels added to a document through the UI. While designing and previewing a document you can switch between languages and enjoy the effective translations of the used labels.
    • Improves programmability
      Some new scenarios are supported through the additional APIs. For example, you can generate a Word document in a batch without attaching it to the underlying entity.
    • Template storage can be on SharePoint or file system
      While built-in document templates are stored on SharePoint only, Docentric document templates can also be stored on file system (e.g. network drives).
  • New lightweight reports

    Much faster to develop comparing to SSRS reports and run with much better performance because of:

    • Wizards
    • No temporary tables/queries
    • Fast implementation of data providers
    • Lightweight underlying framework
    • Clear and documented procedures
    • Simple setup and deployment
  • Word output format supported with 100% fidelity
    Besides Word templates, Word output is now enabled for reports as well. Useful when modifications by hand of a printed report or generated document are needed. For example, before sending a sales order to a client as a PDF document, end users might have a requirement to modify/add particular parts to it. For that reason is convenient to have a sales order generated as a Word document first.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Dynamics AX
    • Supports D365FO, AX 2012 R2/R3.
    • Lightweight & easy to use.
    • Runs side-by-side with built-in frameworks.
    • Reuses SSRS reports data and buttons.
    • Simple and clear APIs & excellent user experience.
    • High performance.

If you have been experiencing issues related to public facing document development in your AX projects, let’s get in touch so that we can quickly look together into how Docentric AX can reduce your development costs.

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