Free vs. Full Edition

Check out how Docentric AX Full Edition can make your life with reports easier.


Customize reports 10x faster

Without overlayering in much easier way than using extensions, with the help of Docentric report artifacts.

Provides Docentric designs out-of-the-box

For most commonly used reports, such as Customer Invoice and Purchase Order.


Improve print destinations and enable multiple designs per report that can be selected on the Print destination form, and which can also be changed in production without a deployment.

Create new custom reports in the blink of an eye

Using plain X++ to fetch data from D365FO tables and build directly nicely shaped report data sources.

Enable multiple designs without coding

And choose among them directly on the Print destination form.


Customize existing and create new reports super-fast, without overlayering but in much easier way than using extensions, with the help of Docentric AX Report Data Preparation Framework.

Automate also reports you usually leave behind

✔ Contracts
✔ Product Catalog Sheets
✔ HR Documents

Use MS Word as report designer

✔ Suitable also for consultants and end-users.
✔ Superior support for multilingual reports.


Use MS Word as Report Designer and pre-prepared Docentric designs with improved data sources for commonly used SSRS reports such as Invoice and Purchase Order.


Powerful report designer you already know and love.

By using MS Word as report designer you will not just empower your end-users but also you will be able to solve demanding design issues you might have, for example with Invoices, Certifications or Checks.
Explore design features

Want to try Full Edition?

It’s easy. If you have installed Docentric AX Free Edition, there is no additional installation. You only need to unlock Free Edition with a valid license. Contact us at and discover all cool stuff we prepared with the single thought in mind – to make your work with reports easier.